Business Strategy Session

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What can you do you in one 90 minute session?

Think of these Strategy Calls as Mini Business Assessment sessions. Throughout the year and as your business develops, you will face new and different challenges. 

  • Questions will come up that a Facebook post just can't answer.
  • Questions that you may not really want to ask publicly.

Business is cyclical. Each quarter there are certain areas of the business that need attention.  For example, first quarter you are focused on developing new business. Second quarter you may find that you aren't on target to make your financial goals. Third quarter is a great time to review your systems and keep your focus on developing your client relationships. Fourth quarter is the time to finalize forecasts for the year, tax planning with your CPA and planning goals for the new year.

What can I do to help?

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    Assess your business model and pricing - Are you charging enough?
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    Develop an action plan with you to improve your bottom line - and pay yourself first!
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    If you're feeling undervalued and underutilized - I can help you get unstuck.

Why do I offer one-time sessions?

When I first started my own business, I found there were times I struggled with a particular question. I just needed someone to help me with the one problem. I wasn't ready for a full coaching program with ongoing support and I wished I could buy one or two sessions of laser coaching when I needed a little extra help.

Why do you want to work with me?

I truly enjoy helping people solve problems and hearing that sigh of relief from an entrepreneur that's been struggling with an issue or an idea for a long time. My background as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and an Operations person has helped me understand how profitability and people work hand in hand. Sometimes the answer isn't on the income statement but in the employee morale, sometimes it's that the business has outgrown its processes.

Do you have an issue you would like guidance with?
Book a strategy session with me.

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    One 90 minute one on one session with me to work on your issue
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    A recording of our call so that you listen to it again
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    An action sheet with recommendations from me on your next steps
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