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I am committed to educating small business owners on how to manage their business finances in order to build real and sustainable businesses. There are so many coaches and gurus with lots of information on how to make six figures overnight. However, how much of that information is real? How much of the hype around mindset and money blocks is really real? Not. Much.

CF Grow Academy is something that I have wanted to build for a long time. I have been working one on one with business owners as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since 2008 and now, I am putting together in one central place, all my knowledge and my experience in business. I have been working in the accounting and finance departments of entrepreneurial companies for 25 years. I started at the entry level position of Accounts Receivable Clerk and through hard work and a passion for learning, ultimately rose to become a CFO in 2008.

CF Grow Academy brings one to one consulting and group masterminds together. Not in the way you are used to. There are no cookie cutter answers. Just straight forward, real world experience to support you in building your business, your way.

Now for the fancy pants "About Me" part... 😉

Stacy Luft is the President of CF Grow, an Entrepreneur and Small Business Consultant. Stacy works with Entrepreneurs to help them move from self-employment (creating a job for ourselves and doing it all) to Business Ownership with teams and systems they can rely on.

Stacy is an accomplished Financial and Operations Executive with a solid track record of maximizing productivity, cost-efficiency and scalable growth in companies ready to emerge to the next level. Equipped with strong leadership skills, she knows how to build high performance teams producing extraordinary results. One of the keys to her success is her ability to create an atmosphere of integrity and accountability while maintaining strong goal-oriented, financial achievement.

Stacy is a skilled negotiator with highly developed analytical, organization and communicating skills that creates positive solutions. Resourcefulness and creativity are keys to a broad understanding of today’s entrepreneurial business environment.

Stacy has built a reputation for providing small companies with the ability to align functions and priorities to improve cash flows, increase buying power, attain high levels of efficiency, establish goal setting and accountability procedures and reduce the level of stress the pervades companies during financial crunch periods.

Stacy has earned her A.A.S. Accounting degree from Suffolk County Community College and her B.S. in Accounting and Executive M.B.A. from St. Joseph’s College.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Stacy created a new organizational structure in a faltering organization, fully aligning functions and priorities which resulted in higher efficiencies and reduced work stress and a major turnaround during a difficult national economic period.

  • For one small company, Stacy introduced and established goal setting and accountability procedures resulting in a reduction of over $500K in annual payroll costs.

  • In multiple instances, she significantly improved cash flows by renegotiating payment terms with vendors, reducing on-hand inventory quantities and establishing purchasing standards for all inventory and overheads.

  • In a cash-strapped company, Stacy uncovered unanticipated available cash through collections of over $210K in 30+ days and 90+ days accounts receivable.

  • She also increased buying power by restoring supplier confidence in timely payments and negotiating higher credit limits. And she secured that company's $250K line of credit from traditional financing in order to fund a two-year contract.

  • Stacy headed software conversion teams and implemented an integrated email, contact, and order tracking systems.

  • Implemented the installation of a new accounting platform in one company that was integrated with the sales software resulting in seamless order to invoice accounting.

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